Personal Yoga

Personal yoga class is design for everyone who wants become healthy, happy and well organized in his life. Yogic exercise is the need of human body and also important pillar to be healthy throughout life. It is a dynamic system of yogic exercise Read More

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga Classes is organizing in many progressive businesses with great benefit. We offer a range of practices from slow and meditative to energizing and active. We will get to know your staff and find out the type of yoga practice.most needed. Read More


Today is the time of modernization and globalization. With the technical developments, health hazards are increasing. The environmental pollution is also adding to problems in the way of good healthy living. Everyday we are coming across Read More

Adventure & Training

Adventure and training is the new dynamic concept of learning and skill development for corporate. We invite corporate groups in Rishikesh for three to five days then we give training them according to their needs with different workshop.They participate in different adventure Read More

About Vikram

Today, Vikram Bhandari facilitates progressive yogic wisdom through dynamic asanas, pranayamas, meditation, lectures and reflective actions.

Vikram Bhandari starts yoga at the tender age in the school. Vikram Bhandari has been spreading the magic of yoga in India almost 16 years now. In 1994, learned traditional Yoga and Naturopathy. Since 1997, Vikram Bhandari has worked as a professional yoga trainer/therapist for individual and corporate in India.

The pleasant aura that surrounds him is testimony to years of practice devoted to understanding physiology and psychology of the human body. His knowledge of the human anatomy gives him an edge while teaching yoga asana. Vikram’s yoga transforms the way you look at life, making you more positive, healthy and totally empowered.

Vikram Bhandari had present yoga sessions in various Indian national televisions and he is working in Delhi and Rishikesh. Vikram Bhandari is the principle designer of special programmes, such as prevention and management of health, facial yoga, kid’s yoga, sports yoga and corporate yoga. He is also the lead designer and implementer of the regular teachers training programme in Delhi and Rishikesh India.

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